Team participation is available to members of the HOA or others with season passes. Members shall mean owners in good standing with the Association, immediate family members who qualify as assignees of the owners, tenants of owners, all of whom are subject to the rules and regulations contained herein, and shall hold this meaning only for of determining who has pool membership rights. Season passes may be issued, at the discretion of the pool committee, to relatives of members or children in an authorized day care program.

Churchill Village South

All swim team members must have a valid CVS pool pass. Only people who live or own property in CVS are eligible for pool passes.

Germanton Park

No information available

Hadley Farms

No information available


Any person may join the Northlake pools. Any person wishing to join the Northlake swim team must be a full member of the pool. There are no 'swim-team-only' pool memberships.

Stratford Knolls

As of 2012, Stratford Knolls is offering a reduced rate pool membership for families outside of the community who want to join swim team, the membership is for the swim season time period only. Swimmers must pass a basic swim test before being able to join the team.

Williamsburg Square/Ashton Place

All swim team members and staff must have valid pool passes.