** All teams need to make sure they are using Hy-Tek's Meet Manager version 2.0
and Team Manager version 4.0 or newer**

These versions are required due to compatibility issues with the export files to older versions.

Remember, the Ribbon Labels Option is required for Meet Manager - all other add-on features are optional.

As members of the GGSL, we are eligible for the 25% Group Discount - this is available for orders placed both online or by phone

Click this link to access the Hy-Tek website or contact Hy-Tek by phone at (866) 456-5111


Using Hy-Tek Meet Manager ®

These instructions will need to be followed for each meet your team hosts during the season. Once a meet is run, you must enter a new meet and complete the set-up as described below.

Create a New Meet From a Template

The easiest way to create a new meet is to copy it from a template as follows:

  • Connect the USB memory device with the Back Up of the Meet Template to your computer.
  • From your Windows desktop double click on the Meet Manager icon to open the program.
  • Click on the Meet Manager File menu then select Restore.
  • A new screen opens (shown below).


  • Click the button to Unzip and copy database to C:\swmeets.
  • Then place a checkmark in the box to Rename the new file.
  • Type the name of your new meet.
  • Click OK.
  • You will see the following screen:


  • Click on the yellow zip file so that it appears in the File Name box.
  • Click Open.
  • A dialog box opens with file details.
  • Click OK to unzip and copy the file to your C:\ drive.
  • A dialog box opens confirming that the file has been copied and re-named.
  • Click OK.

Open the New Database

  • Click the File menu and select Open / New.
  • Select the name of the new database and click Open.

Set-Up the New Meet

  • Click the Set Up menu and select Meet Set Up.
  • On the Set Up screen fill in the fields using the following screen shot as a guide, substituting your own team information.
  • Even though you named the meet when you copied the file, you will need to name it again under the meet Set Up.
  • Type the name of the home pool.
  • Make sure to change the date from the template to the actual date of the meet.
  • Check that the "Age Up" Date for the meet is 06/01/16.
  • All other fields may be left as is.
  • Click OK.


Athlete and Relay Preferences

  • From the Set Up menu select Athlete and Relay Preference.
  • "Enter ages" & "Enter birthdates" should be checked

Seeding Preferences

  • Return to the Set Up menu.
  • You may skip Seeding Preferences because the meet is set up for no seeding within the Events Set Up.

Report Preferences

  • Click again on Set Up and select Report Preferences.
  • Click each tab in the Report Preferences screen and modify if desired.
  • Click on the Printer Tab.
  • Select your printer from the drop-down menu.
  • If it is not in the list you may need to install the appropriate printer driver (in Control Panel).

Entry / Scoring Preferences

  • Click on Set Up.
  • You may skip the Entry/Scoring Preferences (leave all default settings) and go on to the next menu item (Scoring Set Up).

Scoring Set Up

  • Click the Set Up menu and select Scoring Set Up.
  • On the fly-out menu select Standard.
  • The scoring should be set-up as follows:
    • First place individual and relay = 5
    • Second place individual and relay = 3
    • Third place individual and relay = 1
  • All places after third should have a value of 0
  • Note… The GGSL uses a courtesy point for a team who fields a swimmer in an event that is "swept" by the other team. Use Judge's Decision (JD) to manually assign courtesy points as described later.

Events Set Up

  • All event information should come in as part of the template; there should be no changes necessary.
  • You will notice that the two 6-under events have been moved (for computer purposes only) to the end of the event list and have been numbered event 51 and 52 since our old nomenclature of E-1 and E-3 cannot be utilized within Team Manager.
  • This does not mean that the actual swimming order will change. The kickboard event will continue to be held following the first relay and the 6-under freestyle just before intermission. The meet results do not need to be entered in absolute event order; they can be entered out of sequence.

Athletes Menu

A list of athletes will appear only after you have imported rosters or meet entries from your own and your opponent's team.

Relays Menu

A list of relays entered in the meet will appear after you have imported meet entries from your own and your opponent's team.

Importing Meet Entries From Team Manager

  • Click File and click Import.
  • From the fly out menu select Entries.
  • On the Open File screen find the file to import selecting the correct drive.
  • On the confirmation screen, click OK.
  • On the next screen click to Include Entries With No Time and Match on Event Number. Matching on event number is very useful and can resolve issues with event names when importing meet entries.


  • Click OK.
  • You will see a window telling you the numbers of entries imported. Here is an example.


  • Repeat the procedure to Import entries for the second team.
  • If there are Exceptions view the exception report to see where there were problems. Contact the other team as necessary to resolve the exceptions before the start of the meet.

Seeding the Meet

  • Heat and lane assignments will be made in Team Manager by each team prior to exporting the entries. There will be no need to seed the meet.
  • *Note…Swimmers who are not assigned a heat and lane in Team Manager will not be recognized by the system and will not be entered in the event.

Running the Meet

  • Click on Run. A list of the events will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Click on an event at the top and the swimmers who have been entered will appear at the bottom of the screen in the appropriate heat and lane.
  • The red heat number will show which heat is being currently displayed. Click the right or left arrows to move between the heats.
  • Enter the times for each swimmer in the column indicated.
  • Flag DQ as necessary.
  • You do not need to enter places or points manually. When all the times for an event have been entered, click the button to Score the Event.
  • The status will change in the top display to "Scored."
  • A print preview of the event results will be displayed. Print a copy of these results and compare the printed results to the event cards to check accuracy.


For swimmers 9 and older, who are disqualified for a stroke or turn violation, do not enter the time from the card into the meet results. Instead click the DQ checkbox for that swimmer when entering race results. This is to prevent the time from being used later as a seed time. Swimmers 9-up do not receive ribbons for races in which they are disqualified.


8-under swimmers who have stroke violations will receive a "re-seed" instead of being disqualified. Do not enter the time into the race results and flag the "DQ" checkbox as you would for a disqualification. Re-seeded swimmers will be moved down in the place order out of scoring position and points assigned for the race manually as described below using a feature called Judge's Decision. In the event that NO swimmer finishes legally, no points should be assigned for the race.


When there is a tie add the points of the 2 swimmers and divide by 2 to give each swimmer half of the total points. For instance, for a first place tie add the points for 1st (5 points) and 2nd (3 points) and divide by 2. Each swimmer will get 4 points. 3rd place will take the usual 1 point. After entering all the times and before scoring the event, use Judge's Decision as described below to manually adjust the points. Then return to the Run screen and score the event as usual.

Courtesy Points

The GGSL allows a courtesy point to a team who fields a swimmer in a race in which there was a "sweep." If Team A takes 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and Team B fields at least one swimmer, Team B will receive one courtesy point. Assign the point to the swimmer from Team B who places highest in the finish order. Note: if Team B's swimmer is re-seeded or disqualified, he will NOT receive the courtesy point.

Judge's Decision (JD)

A Judge's Decision is used at the end of an event or heat to manually edit the Placing and/or Points for a given result when there is a re-seed or a tie. You should also use JD to assign a Courtesy Point to a swimmer in a race in which there was a "sweep."

  • From the Run Screen, click on the JD button. You will see a screen with the results sorted by time place.
  • Click your mouse in the Place or Points column and make the appropriate change. In the JD points column assign the adjusted points. Click OK.
  • Click the Reset button only if you need to put them back based on time finish.
  • Score or re-score the event after making the JD adjustments.

Printing Award (Ribbon) Labels

You may print ribbon labels any time after the event is scored. Label stock is expensive and it is more economical to wait until you have a full page of labels before printing.

  • From the main menu click Labels and select Award Labels.
  • Highlight the event(s) for which you want to print labels.
  • Check the bottom of the screen to make sure the settings are right for the kind of label stock you are using.
  • Check the number of places to print. The system is set up to print up to 12 to accommodate double heats in the younger age groups.

Exporting Meet Results

  • Click on the File menu and select Export.
  • On the fly out menu select Results for Team Manager.
  • Select the Team.
  • Check other settings and adjust as needed. Click OK.
  • After you complete the export you will be asked to select where you wish to export to. You could choose a USB memory device for the other team to take home, or it could be emailed.

Copying the Meet

You may wish to copy the entire meet as a backup, to place on another computer, or to give to the opposing team.

  • Click the File menu and select Backup.
  • Select the drive destination and click OK.