The following is needed to staff a swim meet. It is broken down between the home team and the away team.

Deck Officials

1 - Senior Meet Official
1 - Starter
2 - Stroke and Turn Judges (1 from each team)

The starter can also be the Senior Meet Official.
The Stroke and Turn Judge can also be the Senior Meet Official.
You must have a different person for the Starter and Stroke and Turn Judge.

Scoring Support

The home team provides a laptop, printer, labels, and supplies to score the meet and print labels for ribbons. Here's the people needed to get that job done:

2 - Scorers
Each team will provide 1 person to score the meet. The home team's person will operate the laptop. The away team's person will verify the values on the cards coming in from the pool deck and confirm with the home team's scorer that the correct amounts were entered.

2 - Ribbon 'stickers'
Each team will provide 1 person to gather the printed award labels from the scorer's desk and put those labels on the different ribbons for their team. Each team will take care of only their own ribbons.


There are 6 lanes for swimming a meet. The home team will swim in lanes 2, 4, and 6. The away team will swim in lanes 1, 3, and 5. Each lane MUST have 3 timers. As such, a total of 18 timers is needed for all 6 lanes plus a one more timer provided by the home team for the purpose of being Head Timer / Backup Timer.

18 - Timers
Each team will provide 9 timers.

1 - Head Timer / Backup Timer
Provided by the Home team.

The timers are placed in lanes like this.

Position Lane Number
1 2 3 4 5 6
Lead Timer Away Home Away Home Away Home
Timer Home Away Home Away Home Away
Timer Home Away Home Away Home Away

Timers from each team are spread out among the lanes this way for fairness.

Concessions (Home Team Only)

Each swim team will typically provide a concessions stand. There is no meet requirement mandating one. Some are larger or smaller than others. This information is put in place to help teams staff this along with other meet assignments. The people needed depend on what is being served and what cleanup is needed related to it at the end of a meet.


  • Concessions setup will require as many people as running it during a meet. As such, those working concessions should show up early to setup.
  • Running a small concessions stand at a meet will require at least 2 people just so one person can manage the cash box and one person can work with people.
  • One (1) cashier is a must.
  • One person to manage orders is a must.
  • If you prepare burgers, hot dogs, nachos, etc., you will need at least a 3rd person to manage preparing those and getting them out to the concessions tables for sale.

Meet Setup and Cleanup (Home Team Only)

Be sure your pool management company is clear on what they will support after the meet is finished. Typically, swim meets are setup in large part by swim team parents and cleanup is handled by swim team parents.

You'll want to be VERY sure of the following actions prior to the meet.

  • Setup backstroke flags
  • Setup starting equipment
  • Setup scoring computer and equipment
  • Setup deck chairs as needed to ensure flow of people during the meet
  • Setup concessions

You'll want to be VERY sure of the following actions after the meet.

  • Take down backstroke flags
  • Take down starting equipment
  • Take down scoring computer and equipment
  • Take down deck chairs as needed
  • Take down concessions and manage cash

Staffing Summary

Home Team Role Away Team
1 Senior Meet Official *  
1 Starter / Announcer  
1 Stroke and Turn Judge 1
1 Scorer 1
1 Ribbon Support 1
1 Card Runner  
9 Timer 9
1 Head/Backup Timer  
* The Senior Meet Official may also be either a Stroke and Turn Judge or the Starter/Announcer

The home team also adds those staff needed for running concessions.