• Each team will purchase and hold a license for the required software (Hy-Tek's Team Manager and Meet Manager). The entry and award label module in TM is optional, but recommended; the award label module in MM is required.
  • Detailed guidelines and instructions are provided on this website for the use of Team Manager and Meet Manager within the GGSL. All teams scoring personnel are expected to review and understand these procedures.
  • All swimmers on the team (including 6-unders) will be included on the Team Roster. The minimum information entered will include the swimmers full name, birth date (with calculated age), gender, and team affiliation. Teams may opt to enter additional information, as they desire.
  • Teams must "age-up" their athletes at the beginning of each season to re-calculate the ages.
  • Those athletes who are no longer on the team should be edited to give them a status of "Inactive." They should not be deleted from a team's database.


  • Both Teams are to exchange entries by 8:00 PM the day prior to the meet (8:00 PM Tuesday and 8:00 PM Friday). Entries may be provided on USB memory device or sent via email.
  • A second export file containing the team roster must also be provided along with the entries to facilitate scratches and substitutions during the running of the meet.
  • All meets will be set up in MM using the template provided by the GGSL.
  • The home team will import the roster and meet entries into Meet Manager with the heats and lanes pre-assigned. The exception report should be viewed to check for mistakes such as duplicate heat/lane assignments. The home team is responsible to make all attempts to reach an away team representative (preferably by phone) to inform them of any problems with the electronic file or the entries.
  • The number of heats in an event is determined by the current GGSL standard (as defined in the league charter) and by mutual agreement of the teams. Any additional entirely exhibition heats are by definition not scored and exhibition swimmers will receive participant ribbons. This does not include 6-under events for which individual heats are scored; 6-under swimmers will receive place ribbons by heat. Nor does it apply to optional additional heats of 10-under events, which are non-exhibition and are scored by combining heats[click here for GGSL Dual Meet Heat & Scoring Rules]. Entries or heats submitted in excess of the league standard will be eliminated from the meet line-up after import into MM. All attempts should be made to contact a team representative before eliminating the extra swimmers so that adjustments can be made at the scratch meeting.

At the Meet

  • Each home team is required to have a computer and printer at the pool. If a portable computer is not available arrangements may be made with the away team to provide the hardware if the away team agrees.
  • The home team will provide label stock to print award (ribbon) labels and paper to print meet results.
  • Meet entries will be completed using Team Manager. A heat and lane will be assigned at the time the entry is created.
  • A scratch meeting will be held 30 minutes prior to the start of each meet. No substitutions or other changes to the line-up may be made after the scratch meeting.
  • Each team will provide two volunteers at the scoring table for a minimum of 4 total. Two (one from each team) will oversee the data entry into the computer. This should include checking to see that the middle time is the official time. The third scorer will verify the printed event results against the cards and circle the appropriate place on each entry card. The fourth will attach the appropriate place ribbon to the card and separate the cards into boxes for each team. In addition it is recommended that each home team provide a "float" person to be a point of contact with meet officials when there is a question about a card or event.
  • Results are printed after each event to check the data entry for accuracy. The printed results are compared to the cards before the place is circled on the card.
  • Events in which a team "sweeps" (taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd place) and the other team fields at least one swimmer, the event will be manually scored using the "JD" (Judge's Decision) option. One point is awarded to the highest placing swimmer from the other team regardless of place.
  • The race times for 8-under swimmers who are re-seeded for stroke violations will not be entered into the computer as official times and the DQ checkmark should be used. Re-seeded swimmers will be moved out of scoring position and places manually adjusted using the JD option. Place ribbons will be awarded based on the standings in the event printout showing the JD place assignments. Coaches may hand-write the times of re-seeded swimmers on the ribbon if desired.
  • If all swimmers for an event are re-seeded no points will be assigned to any swimmer.
  • Swimmers age 9-up who are disqualified from a race will not have their race times entered in the computer and the DQ checkmark should be used. This is to prevent a DQ time from being used as a seed time in another meet.
  • Ribbons will be printed a minimum of twice per half (at the completion of freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and the graduated free relay). Teams may opt to print ribbons more often if desired (e.g. at the end of each stroke).
  • Award labels may be affixed to the ribbons during the meet if desired. Volunteers who serve as "Ribbon-writers" will be in addition to the four individuals at the scoring table.

After the Meet

  • The home team will provide the away team with an electronic copy of the meet results for Meet Manager and an export file of team results for Team Manager. Before a given meet, the parent reps of each team should decide how meet entries and results will be shared (USB memory device, email)